Design Showroom

Inspired by the kind of lived-in design showrooms developed in the likes of Italy and Scandinavia, where prospective clients are shown around examples of owner occupied designer properties, Vine Street Studios is both functioning property and interior design showroom. Everything – apart from the property itself – is for sale. Literally.

Craft, Design and Supply

Having sourced, designed and installed the property’s interiors through local artisans and UK based companies that deal in unique and contemporary furniture, furnishings, fittings and features, we have

been fortunate enough to build up an extensive network of craftsmen, architects, designers and suppliers, many of whom have made themselves especially available to Vine Street Studios’ clients.

Purchase in Practice

With the whole building and finishes available to view by appointment, Vine Street Studios is in effect the perfect showroom: it shows products in situ; it puts processes to the test; it is a working example of design in context. If you would like to either view Vine Street Studios’ interiors or purchase a particular item or service, please contact James Oliver on 07958 438813 or via the contact page.